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Al Martin began his real estate career in 1978 and has participated in over 1600 real estate transactions, both in sales and leasing.

Al is an expert in IRC 1031 tax-deferred exchanges and has completed over 300 exchange transactions, to include Starker, Construction and Reverse Exchanges, many of which involved multiple transactions. Many of his clients are millionaires and multi-millionaires, achieving their wealth through the tax-deferred exchange techniques he has mastered. His clients began purchasing Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma properties as early as the 1980’s when the oil bust and bank failures hit our country.

Al-MartinAl is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), a designation held by only six percent of the commercial real estate brokers in the market today. Many in the real estate industry call the CCIM designation the “Doctorate in Commercial Real Estate.”

Al specializes in Tenant and Buyer Representation and will correctly advise you of the advantages of buying and leasing commercial real estate from a cash-flow and market analysis viewpoint.

Al, his wife Joyce, and two children have resided in Austin, Texas since 1996 where he has his own company, Martin Commercial Properties.

Why a Broker?

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A COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKER has the tools, knowledge and expertise to save you lots of time and money. The majority of building owners have an agent working for them. This broker has a fiduciary relationship with the owner and, by law, he is required to look after his owner’s best interests. In order to get the best deal possible, it is in your best interest to have a broker representing you. I will also ensure that you not only get the best price possible but also show you other properties that may be a better deal, something a Landlord or Seller’s broker cannot do.

What will this cost you?

I do not cost you a penny. My service is free to you. My fee is paid by the Landlord or Owner, but our relationship from the very beginning will be clearly understood. I will be working for you, not the Owner or Landlord. The Texas Real Estate Commission has clearly delineated that one can properly represent his Buyer or Tenant and still be paid by the Owner.

Website Photos 021What services do you provide me?

I specialize in Tenant or Buyer Representation, which means I will represent you, not the Landlord, in your acquisition of space. When you call upon a leasing or listing agent for a specific property, understand that he or she will be representing the owner, not your best interest. I can promptly provide you with up-to-date information about any property on the market and, in addition, give you valuable market information plus alternative space that is available for sale or lease. This is much easier than calling broker after broker asking for information about different properties. I can provide you with digital pictures, prices and NNN expenses, if applicable, addresses, other spaces available, and, in many instances, the layout of the space you are seeking or a building floor plan if we are dealing with a purchase or a larger lease. I will also be happy (and actually prefer) to come to your office or to any place you desire to discuss Website Photos 011the property or space you are seeking. I do this so as to maximize your time and mine and to “kick as few doors as possible” in our search for your new space. With your cooperation and my tools and expertise, we will probably have to view only a handful of properties, again saving you time and money. I can provide you with expert advice throughout the transaction and will stay in touch with you long after the transaction is completed to keep you abreast of the market.

If necessary, I can provide you informative and accurate demographic information on any property you might be interested in. This demographic information includes, but is not limited to, crime, employment, racial demographics, income, detailed employment information, vacancy, absorption, traffic counts, mapping, aerial photos, retail expenditures for a given area, and much, much more. In most instances I can give you present information and also give you detailed statistical projections for up to five years in advance. This can be very helpful if you are from out-of-town or are in need of any of this information to conduct your business or make a projection. I can provide this information to you free of charge, something most brokers are not able to do. In summary, I can provide you valuable expertise gleaned from 36 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker and from my education through the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) program.


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